Bishop’s Colloquy for Pastors and Deacons – March 20 in Los Angeles

2017 Bishop’s Colloquy for Pastors & Deacons
Prophets, Protests & Hashtags: Public Leadership in the Age of Trump

The Cathedral Center of St. Paul
840 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Monday, March 20, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The cry of #AllLivesMatter should be irrelevant because we as People of Faith are followers of Jesus Christ, and Christ’s commandment of loving our neighbor-which is not the American narrative currently of those who look just like us, or rather, the American ideal of those of European descent. Our neighbor is in the alley ways, sitting on the ground, on the corner engaging in an argument, the sister who is dragging her belonging behind her head down to the ground, people sleeping on grates in the street and those who feel abandoned and set apart – not by the Creator – but by the institution of Christianity. Our neighbor are those sacred bodies of Black, Brown, Indigenous and so many others and it is because American Christianity has become more Plationized, instead of Spirit filled-this is why we must cry #BlackLivesMatter until our voices are heard. We as Lutherans especially, must take up this mantle if we indeed also believe in Luther’s theologia crucis or if we have abandoned Jesus for Paul.
-Rev. Kwame Pitts

What does it mean for pastors (and their congregations) to practice public advocacy on political issues? What strategies and resources can we bring to bear to help our people join their discipleship to their citizenship? How can we avoid needless polarization among our communities, calling everyone to a Gospel-based ethic of neighbor-love? How do we listen for and to the voices at the margins of the church, and how can their witness strengthen us?

This year’s speakers are Francisco Herrera and Pastor Kwame Pitts, co-founders of #DecolonizeLutheranism. They will be presenting on this provocative new perspective on the church’s life and work, and challenging us to listen better to voices from the margins.

Francisco Herrera & Pr. Kwame Pitts

Francisco Herrera completed his M.Div from Chicago Theological Seminary in 2012 and then began Ph.D studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago in Fall of 2013 with emphasis on World Christianity and Global Mission.He blogs at, tweets at @PolyglotEvangel, and relishes in his duties as the Convener of #decolonizeLutheranism.

Pastor Kwame Pits is a First Call Pastor in the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the ELCA, and womanist theologian in residence of the #decolonizeLutheranism movement. She will be joining the Colloquy live and direct via livestream from Chicago.

The highlight of the afternoon will be the synod’s annual chrism mass – a Eucharist at which we renew our baptismal promises and our ordination/consecration vows, and bless the oils for anointing to be used throughout our synod this year.

The Colloquy has been designed to be compact and affordable both in terms of time and money, particularly for those who live within a commutable distance. We’ll start early and go late, in the hope that many of you will be able to avoid both rush hours on the freeways. We’re grateful to the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles for hosting us. For those who need a hotel room on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday nights, we’ll provide a list of nearby lodgings.

Keep in mind that the Rostered Leaders’ Team will also host a Boundaries Workshop for pastors, deacons and church leaders on Tuesday, March 21 from 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.and the Synod Care of Creation Team will host an event for UN World Water Day on Wednesday, March 22 at 11:00 a.m. Both of these events will be held at The Lutheran Center in Glendale.

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