A Review of MARCH

MARCH shares the story of Representative John Lewis from childhood to contemporary times as he awakens to deliberate leadership in the struggle of American civil rights and politics.

In mid-January, 2017, Rep. Lewis was vilified as “All Talk, No Action” in response to his strong criticism of the President-Elect. MARCH dispels that false characterization, revealing Rep. Lewis’ tireless interest and actions in the history of American social transformation.

Presented in graphic novel format, MARCH appeals to readers of all ages. I found it to be easy understandable, yet rich in concept and in detail. The artwork compliments the epic story.

John Lewis and his co-authors give a full account of his early life, including his call and growth as a student activist. The trilogy chronicles each phase of his life as he emerges as a whirlwind vessel and voice of justice. In documenting past battles, MARCH, becomes a book for all of us today.

Pastor Reginald Hansome
Coordinator for African Decent Ministries

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The John Lewis Documentary Project
The documentary will trace his fascinating life from sharecropper boyhood in the Jim Crow South, through his years on the front lines as an influential force in the Civil Rights Movement, to his impact in Congress — highlighting his leadership on international human rights and nonviolence issues, and his role as confidant of U.S. presidents.