Caring for College Students at Christ, West Covina

The Christ, West Covina confirmation class put together surprise care packages for 12 college students connected to the congregation. Care packages included snacks, school supplies, homemade treats, Starbucks gift cards, and a Thrivent T-shirt. Confirmation students also wrote personal notes to the college students. College students were asked to update the confirmation class about their experiences, studies, and advice about college, and those responses will be used to make a bulletin board.

This project by Christ, West Covina’s confirmation class and Youth Director Janet Renick is an example of what a Thrivent Action Team can do!  Thrivent Action Teams start with an idea powered by your passion. You can apply to lead a volunteer team in a one-time fundraiser, service activity or educational event. Thrivent Action Kits include T-shirts and a $250 Community Impact Card that can be used as seed money to purchase project supplies and create promotional materials. Find out more about forming a Thrivent Action Team here!

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