Choir Director – American Lutheran Church Burbank

It is not the purpose of this job description to be a rigid set of rules, but rather a set of guidelines, which can grow and change when necessary for a more effective accomplishment of the ministry of the church.


  1. Works and collaborates with the Pastor and Worship Leader to create a well-planned, meaningful and prayerful worship service.
  2. Oversees and coordinates all choral aspects of the worship service, most often being an occasionally rotating “Call to Worship” and a unique “Offertory” for every Sunday. Conducts weekly rehearsals.
  3. Should the choir not be able to perform, the Choral Director coordinates with other music leaders to find special music.
  4. Promotes a rehearsal and performance environment that produces the best possible success for the ensemble as a whole.
  5. Communicates weekly and clearly to the choral ensemble via email about upcoming responsibilities, music the choir is to perform, and manages attendance of all volunteer singers and band members in the church.
  6. Recruits new vocalists and musicians as needed, and leads the choir with the intention of expanding the church community.
  7. Attends seasonal Liturgy Guild meetings and regularly meets with Pastor for service postmortems.
  8. Participates in quarterly budgetary meetings, attends special events, and otherwise involves themselves in the life of the congregation.
  9. Organizes and maintains music and choral resources, utilizing the filing system of the church as well as organizing PDFs for musicians online.
  10. Communicates clearly with the accompanist of the church, as well as the worship band, to ensure adequate rehearsal time, thoughtful preparation of music, and to support the volunteer musicians of the church.
  11. If need be, provides additional instrumentation to services, such as playing drums, piano, bass, guitar, percussion, or anything deemed necessary to enhance the performance.
  12. In the spirit of growth, considers and implements any additional duties as agreed upon by the Choir Director, Pastor, and Leadership Team.

Leads choral rehearsals with an understanding of Zoom and other technology. In the wake of COVID-19 transition, members of the choir are present both in person and online.

Has proficiency in audio recording technology, digital audio workstations, and video editing software to compile virtual choir videos for occasional and/or special Sundays. Has proficiency of the church’s sound system, to help the audio of the ensemble travel successfully to the online congregants.

1. Arranging for Substitutes: 6 Sundays Vacation: The Director is given six Sundays off per year with at least two weeks’ notice, in which they need not attend worship. On these Sundays the Director is asked to schedule a substitute. The director is asked to provide the pastor a month’s notice for planned absences.
2. If the director has any issues or concerns, the director should see the pastor and/or the congregation president.
3. Keys will be distributed to the Choral Director for several rooms in the church: the sanctuary, Friendship Room, and side door leading to the gymnasium.

1. As a spiritual leader, it is imperative the Choral Director commits to personal and spiritual growth.

This position is an eight hour per week commitment. Base rate $24.50 per hour.

To be conducted at the 90-day period and the six month mark by the Pastor and Executive Committee and submitted to the Church Council.

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