St. Mark’s, Hacienda Heights – Director of Choirs and Musical Groups

St Mark’s Lutheran Church
2323 Las Lomitas Dr.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Phone : 626-961-2486

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Hacienda Heights, CA is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We are a family-sized, multi-generational congregation with a Pre-8th grade school and approximately 100 worshippers per Sunday

Duties and Responsibilities
1) Works and collaborates with the Pastor and organist/accompanist to create a well-planned and meaningful worship service.
2) Plans appropriate music for and direct all children’s choirs (at least 2), adult choir/ensembles and future Worship Band. Oversees and coordinates all choral/ensembles aspects of the worship service. Conducts weekly rehearsals for each group.
3) Be able to use a wide range of music from traditional hymns to Contemporary Worship Music
4) Promotes a rehearsal and performance environment that produces the best possible success for the ensemble as a whole and has the skills to work with children and adults.
5) Communicates weekly and clearly to the choral choirs/ensemble via email about upcoming responsibilities, music the choir is to perform, and manages attendance of all volunteer singers and band members in the church.
6) Recruits new vocalists and musicians as needed, and leads the choir/band with the intention of expanding the church community.
7) Attends monthly Worship Committee meetings and regularly meets with the Pastor to help with planning for upcoming worship and reviewing past worship services.
8) Participates in some special events, such as Santa Lucia and Rally Day, and involves themselves in the life of the congregation.
9) Organizes and maintains choral/band resources, utilizing the filing system of the church as well as organizing PDFs for musicians online.
10) If need be, provides additional instrumentation to services, such as playing piano, guitar, percussion, or anything deemed necessary to enhance the performance.
11) In the spirit of growth, considers and implements any additional duties as agreed upon by the Choir Director, Pastor, and Leadership Team.

1) When possible leads choral rehearsals with an understanding of Zoom and other technology. In the wake of COVID-19 transition, members of the choir are present both in person and online.
2) Has proficiency of the church’s sound and video system, to help the audio and video of the choir/ensemble/band transmit successfully to the online congregants.

1) Arrange for Substitutes for not able to work or for a scheduled vacation.
2) If the director has any issues or concerns, the director should see the pastor and/or the congregation president.
3) Keys will be distributed to the Director for these rooms in the church: the sanctuary and office. If a classroom is needed that will be coordinated with the School Administrator.
4) A background check is required along with being vaccinated against Covid-19.

1) As a spiritual leader, it is imperative the Director commits to personal and spiritual growth.
2) You need to be a Christian and be active in a church.

This position is an up to eight hour per week commitment and could expand in the future. Two months in the summer will be taken off for choirs and be reduced time for planning and some ensembles in consultation with the Pastor and Worship Committee. The future addition of a Worship Band could change this to year round. 2 paid weeks off will be included in the compensation. Pay is commensurate with skills and experience. Recommend Director will have a base rate $24.50 per hour.

To be conducted at the 90-day period and the six month mark and then yearly thereafter by the Pastor and Executive Committee and submitted to the Church Council.
Directly responsible to: Senior Pastor

To Apply: Please email cover letter, resume or inquiries to Pastor Jim Mericle at

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