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Rostered Leader’s Retreat

January 23-24

Serra Retreat Center, Malibu

We have all been through trauma with COVID and the aftermath of living with the new normal. Ministry that we have always done among the people had to be done at a distance. And none of us signed up for doing virtual worship.

Attendance is still lower than pre-Covid, and for many congregations it has slipped below critical mass. Many of our congregations have never returned to previously normal events and activities. Most everyone is still tired and just worn out. And we are still dealing with getting Covid, despite being vaccinated and boosted. Though it is very rarely life threatening anymore, it still means getting sick and being quarantined.


We have three therapists who are certified trauma specialists coming to help us explore the trauma and hopefully, help us to do some healing, giving us tools to go home with. This will be a two-day event, with space for 25 Rostered Leaders.


This event is sponsored by the Mission Team for Rostered Leaders of the Southwest California Synod.

Please click here to register.

Registration fee may be paid using this link.