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Office and Property Manager at Resurrection Lutheran Church and Schools (Redondo Beach)

Office and Property Manager really, really needed!

At Resurrection Lutheran Church and Schools, our purpose is simple: to share the love of Jesus Christ.

We believe that kindness, service, and compassion are the important values of doing business. By partaking in these core values, we hope to build a brighter, kinder community for God’s Kingdom.

At Resurrection Lutheran Church and Schools we look for people who will show up as their whole self because we value hard work, diversity and inclusion, as well as people who enjoy fun and maybe even a little creative flair. So be sure to check out a Sunday Worship service to see whether you’re aligned with our values and culture. If you think you can see yourself delivering God’s love as a humble member of the Resurrection family, then check out the job description below!


  • A virtuoso in organization, with a black belt in multitasking and a penchant for precision.
  • A harmonious communicator, able to orchestrate seamless interactions and keep everyone in tune.
  • A wizard of time management, capable of conducting the ebb and flow of office activities with finesse.
  • A culture connoisseur, passionate about nurturing a positive and inclusive work environment.

Yes, this also includes areas such as:

  • Keeping a joyful master calendar for all activities on campus.
  • Building the Sunday Service bulletins and PowerPoint slides for the congregation.
  • Coordinating special events such as baptisms, weddings, memorial services and celebration events.
  • Resolving maintenance issues from A to Z dealing with all property concerns.
  • Creatively solving individual issues that may come through phone calls, email and text
  • And… A bunch of unexpected office fun stuff that just happens.

Don’t be bashful or shy!
Whatever your background and experience is, we want to talk to you!
We hope and pray you will consider joining our family.

Compensation and benefits can be discussed in detail when you fill out an employment application.
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A copy of this flyer: Office and Property Manager, Resurrection