Pick a Sunday this Fall

Every fall, ELCA congregations and ministries are invited to celebrate our church’s connections and common mission within Christ’s global church by celebrating Global Church Sunday. This includes long- and short- term missionaries, YAGMs (Young Adults in Global Mission), ELCA connections with Lutheran World Relief, worldwide hunger, water, malaria, AIDS and church building projects, our Companion Synods in El Salvador and Hong Kong and more. Click here for more information!

Who are we?

The Mission Team for Global Partnerships helps the synod and its congregations establish connections with the global Christian community by supporting growth in Companion Synod relationships, creating partnerships with congregations in other parts of the world; learning about issues of globalization; and by lifting up opportunities to accompany global churches in their mission.

We are also mandated to lift up connections with other Christians through the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches while helping to communicate to the congregations the global partnerships of the synod and opportunities for more active engagement in those partnerships.

Our work with immigrants and refugees from partner churches overlaps with concerns of the Justice Team of the Synod, so we work together in this area.  The “Welcoming Congregations” network provides legal and medical aid, employment opportunities, counseling, and other issues including clothing and housing.  “Guardian Angels” volunteers help refugees and immigrants, especially undocumented children, in navigating our court system and are also present as observers in court.

Membership on this team includes one person from each of the Conferences, at least three other persons chosen for their interest and/or expertise in this area, a Synod Council liaison, and representatives of Task Forces created by the Team in areas such as: Companion Synod; Missionary Sponsorships; World Hunger; etc. Staff support is provided by the Bishop or the Bishop’s designee.

Team Membership, 2018

Carol Bjelland

Bishop Guy Erwin

Rev. Steve Herder

Julie Jacks

Rev. Ellen Jennrich, chair

Rev. Steve Jerbi

Barbie Johnson

Tom Laquidara

Susanne Maliski

Maria Paiva

Rev. Frank Wang

Young Adults in Global Mission

The ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program invites ELCA young adults ages 21-29 into a transformative, year-long journey in international service. As they offer themselves in service, ELCA young adults are shaped by the witness of our global neighbors. They share in the journeys of companion churches and organizations in one of nine countries around the world.

A year of service through the Young Adults in Global Mission program invites young adults to become the hands and feet of Jesus in the world, providing critical support to ministries and projects in communities of need. It also invites volunteers into a journey of self-reflection, providing space to consider their sense of identity, God’s work in the world, and their place within it all.

Young adults serve in the spirit of accompaniment, walking alongside global companions in a manner that practices mutuality, interdependence and solidarity. Areas of service include, but are not limited to, health and development, congregational ministry, human rights, education, homelessness, addiction recovery, women’s issues and children and youth. All site placements provide opportunities for young adults to confront issues of wealth and poverty, racial privilege, economic disparity and globalization, all through the lens of faith.