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Southwest California Synod Pulpit Supply

The Southwest California Synod provides this list of available supply preachers as a service to congregations and pastors.  This list is revised regularly and includes the names, contact information and preferred conferences for supply preachers. If you are a rostered leader and wish to add or remove your name from this list, or update your information, please contact the Office of the Bishop at

NamePhone #Home CityEmailComments
The Rev. Charles (Chuck) Bunnell818-430-2864Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley charlesbunnell123@yahoo.comWilling to travel
The Rev. Deborah Andersen626-233-3615San
The Rev. Tom-Baughman-Collinge614-238-0859Norwalktacollinge@gmail.comNeed 4 to 6 weeks notice to adjust schedule
The Rev. David Berkedal909-519-0274La
The Rev. Kenneth Caudill805-716-3312Thousand Oakskcaudill@pacbell.netMileage based on SLO San Luis Obispo
The Rev. Philip Demers626-848-6404Hacienda Heightspdemers91745@gmail.comCurrently serving Monterey Park
The Rev. Ron Cox805-807-5257Newbury
The Rev. Samuel Platts(818) 497
The Rev. John W. Miller424-789-9138 Los Angelesjohn4z2@yahoo.comSundays when available and schedule allows
The Rev. Mark Winick909-224-9003Rancho
The Rev. Lawrence (Larry) Eckholm323-404-4030South
The Rev. Pernilla H Olsson310-634-3551Redondo
The Rev. Kenneth Davis310-497-6675Los Angelesgabbahjeep@gmail.comNeed at least 1 week notice in advance.
The Rev. Dawn Hass779-201-0571Los Angeles
The Rev. Doris Nolan717-903-7070Simi Valleypastordoris@gmail.comWilling to drive 1 hr
The Rev. Marc Mohr805-304-1367San Fernando
The Rev. Dale
The Rev. Laurie Arroyo562-212-8836Long
The Rev. Scott Fielder714-310-8353Long Beachsfielder001@gmail.comWilling to drive as far as Valencia
The Rev. Steve
Mr. Aaron Tidwell562-413-7537Downeyaaron.bridgebuilder@gmail.comPreaching only----No Sacraments
Deacon Nancy Ackerman818-434-4264Glendalenancyjackerman@gmail.comVery limited availability.
Deacon Tempie Beaman323-376-7597Los Angelesdeaconbeaman@gmail.comPreaching only----No Sacraments
Mr. Ron Nelson562-430-1224Long Beachabueloron@aol.comPreaching only----No Sacraments


Please click here for a printable list.


Compensation to visiting pastors is the responsibility of the host congregation. Per the 2024 Rostered Leaders FAIR COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS WORKBOOK, congregations should consider the following to be a guideline in compensating supply pastors:

Congregations should consider the following to be a guideline in compensating supply pastors:

One Service of Worship $270

Two Services of Worship (same day) $330

Preparing for and Teaching Bible Class/Adult Forum $130

In addition, mileage should be reimbursed at the same rate as documented under REIMBURSEMENT OF PROFESSIONAL EXPENSES.

Example: A supply pastor serving at a Saturday evening worship service and two Sunday morning worship services should receive $270 + $330 = $600 + travel

Supply pastors should be paid on the day they provide the service.