The Southwest California Synod provides this list of available supply preachers as a service to congregations and pastors.  This list is revised regularly and includes the names, contact information and preferred conferences for supply preachers. If you are a rostered leader and wish to add or remove your name from this list, or update your information, please contact Robin Lujan at


Compensation to visiting pastors is the responsibility of the host congregation. Per the 2021 Rostered Leaders FAIR COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS WORKBOOK, congregations should consider the following to be a guideline in compensating supply pastors:

One Service of Worship $225
Two Services of Worship (same day) $275
Preparing for and Teaching Bible Class/Adult Forum $110

In addition, mileage should be reimbursed according to the current standard IRS rate.

Example: A supply pastor serving at a Saturday evening worship service and two Sunday morning worship services should receive $225 + $275 = $500 + travel

Supply pastors should be paid on the day they provide the service.