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Glory Lutheran Reaches out to Mandarin Speaking Students

Glory Collage

Glory Lutheran Church is an Evangelical Lutheran body, practicing in the full belief of God’s unconditional love and grace through Martin Luther’s theology of Cross and other teachings. Glory is a Purpose Driven church, motivated by Worship, Ministry, Evangelism/Mission, Fellowship and Discipleship, as well as a Natural Church Development community, striving for an empowered leadership, gift-oriented ministry, passionate spirituality, functional structures, inspiring worship, holistic small groups, need-oriented evangelism and loving relationships.

Hosted by First Lutheran Church in Torrance, Glory Lutheran is a Mandarin-language faith organization lead by Pastor Newman Qiu that serves the Chinese community. Glory’s outreach program seeks to connect to undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Southern California, University of California at Irvine, and El Camino Community College, specifically those students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Glory Lutheran has too many life transformation stories to recount, according to Pastor Newman – but he would like to share one student’s path to Christ through Glory’ student outreach.

Rachel, who is from China, will complete her Masters degree at USC in May, 2016. Pastor Newman first met Rachel at a Zion Fellowship gathering on the USC campus about two years ago.

“Rachel was quiet, courteous and friendly, always nicely and appropriately dressed,” recalls Pastor Newman. “But she was a bit of a loner, and I could never tell her emotion from her face. She’s from a very traditional Buddhist family, often worshiping at the Buddhist Temple with her mom. Rachel never ceased showing up to our gatherings, paying close attention to our teaching and sharing every Thursday night.

“During the second semester I tried to talk to her and understand her more in the second semester, but her only answer was a smile. The time had not yet come, so we kept praying for her. After one year, Rachel came to me with a simple question: ‘Pastor, how can I become a Christian?’

“Rachel was baptized on Christmas Sunday, 2015. Only when she gave her testimony did we learn her story.

“Rachel was born during Mainland China’s ‘one child’ policy, and China’s traditional values state that only a boy is the root of a family life. Because she was not a boy, Rachel’s father was too disappointed and frustrated to love her. She was therefore sent to her grandmother’s home, where she grew up. She hardly remembered her father’s face. Her dad’s rejection hurt her heart, damaging her self-image and making her feel she was not worthy of love. Her sole friend and family was her grandmother.

“Three years ago, Rachel’s grandmother passed away. Heartbroken, she buried herself in her grief and sorrow. To escape, she came to USC for her Masters degree.

“The first time Rachel came to Zion Fellowship she seemed like a seriously injured patient. She had lost the ability to laugh and love. She was thirsty for the Gospel’s unconditional love, wanting to believe in Jesus Christ, but fearing that there is no true love on Earth. She knew that God is the way, the truth and the life, but her experienes kept holding her back. Her struggle lasted eight months.

“Through Glory Lutheran, God has started to heal Rachel. She has accepted the love of Jesus Christ as her Savior and the Lord of her life. Since she was baptized, she has become a completely different girl. She has a big group of sister friends through Glory and through Zion Fellowship.

“Rachel serves God as a worship team member, and is planning to read through the Bible three times this year. I know Rachel will become a charismatic leader in God’s hand. Her task is now to share testimony and the Gospel to her parents. Please pray for her!”

Glory Lutheran has baptised nearly 90 people during their seven years, and experienced many miraculous stories such as Rachel’s. Glory invites visitors every Sunday at 3:00 p.m. at First Lutheran Church, 2900 W. Carson Street in Torrance. You can also contact Pastor Newman Qiu at (424) 731-9888, or by email at