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Guide for Christian Funerals during COVID-19

2019 Parochial Reports 

2019 Parochial reports from congregations are due February 15, 2020. In mid-December, the ELCA mailed the 2019 Congregational Report forms to all congregations. This mailing included Form A, Form C, the instructions, and the financial worksheet. In addition, your congregational ID number and password for online reporting were included in the mailing. You will need these items to log in and file your report online by following this link.


If you can’t find your login information or are missing your Congregational Report forms, please email Robin Lujan at Data from your parochial report is an important ministry tool for your congregation, the Southwest California Synod, and the Churchwide body.


2019 Annual Report Cover: Full Cover; Single Page
Please note that beginning this year, Annual Report Covers are only available as a free download; print copies will not be made available. 

Model Constitution for Congregations of the ELCA (2016) 

Amendments to the Model Constitution for Congregations as Approved by the 2016 Churchwide Assembly 

Amendments to the Model Constitution for Synods as Approved by the 2016 Churchwide Assembly

Pulpit Supply 

2020 Compensation Workbook (includes Salary Guidelines and Supply Pastor Reimbursement)

Treasurer’s Remittance 

Mission Support Letter of Intent
2020 English
2020 Spanish 

Audit Resources

Synod Grant Applications

The Endowment Committee awards grant for Mission Outreach from The Mission and Ministry Fund to be used for mission outreach as defined in the synod’s mission goals. Typically, grants range from $500 to $5,000.
The Charles and Mable Warner Trust Fund, administered by the Executive Committee of the Synod Council, awards grants designated for the construction of Sunday School facilities and to further youth Christian education. Typically, grants range from $1,000 to $5,000, pending availability of funds.

2020 Synod Grant applications are due February 21, 2020. See the resources below for more information! 

Pastoral Call Process Handbooks

Interim Pastor Agreement

Covenants of Closure for Ordained Pastors and Word and Service Rostered Leaders



2011 Performance Planning and Review Process Workbook

Sabbatical Guidelines

Mutual Ministry Committee Booklet (large file, may take a while to download)

Synod Documents

Human Resources

Portico Information

Employment Laws

2020 Update: Changes in California Labor Law include the classification of employees and independent contractors; state and local jurisdiction minimum wages; and minimum salaries for exempt workers. Read more here.

2018 Update: California employers are prohibited from making any pre-employment salary inquiries, are required to post new workplace posters, and may be required (depending on total number of employees) to provide eligible employees with additional unpaid job-protected leave to bond with a new child, among other things. Read more here.

Becoming a Reconciling in Christ Congregation 

Resources for Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Arrival of the First Enslaved Africans to North America

Living the Resurrection

What is God Up To? 

Viviendo la Resurrección (download)

A Statement on Same Gender Marriage in the State of California


A Brief Guide for Archives of Congregations