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Refugee Stories: Lucas’ Story

The plight of refugees and migrants from South America grows more drastic and their fate more uncertain. Refugee Stories are testimonies from children, adults, and families, gathered by the Salvadorean Lutheran Church, our companion synod in El Salvador, and CARECEN, an organization working to change the immigration system, win legal status for immigrants, and foster community activism. These stories are a tool and a witness for Refugee and Migrant Sunday and beyond; please share them with your congregations and ministries.

Lucas is from Guatemala, where his uncle was killed by a gang and his brother was beaten the following year by the same gang.

While he was still in Guatemala, he was walking to church and the same gang approached him, beat him, cut off his fingertips and told him the next time they would kill him.

He left for the states shortly after the incident. One of his four brothers was detained at the Texas border.

In cross examination at his asylum hearing, Lucas’ lawyers asked him if he would stop going to church if he went back to Guatemala. He said that he would never stop going to church because his love for God was too great.

The judge has asked for more evidence.