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2018 Synod Assembly Workshops

Synod Assembly Workshops
9:00 a.m. Saturday, June 2
Soiland Humanities Building, California Lutheran University

Breaking the Silence

The SWCA Synod Recovery & Spirituality Task Force

The issue of addiction often results in shame, silence, and secrecy. This workshop identifies the various stigmas and fallacies that surround this issue; validates and encourages the need to give “voice” to our burdens; and offers solutions and support in a safe environment. Our society, congregations and families all face this challenge, either directly or indirectly, and all are welcome to join us in learning more how to address this problem to bring about greater healing and wholeness.

No Way to Treat a Child

Middle East Peace Task Force

The workshop will feature the short video “Detaining Dreams,” which tells the story of Palestinian teenagers detained and held in Israeli military prisons. We will review the resolution submitted by the Synod’s Middle East Peace Task Force for consideration by the Synod Assembly.  The resolution has already passed in and/or is being considered by other Synod Assemblies throughout the ELCA. Bishop Emeritus Dean Nelson, who chairs the Task Force, will lead the discussion along with other Task Force members.

Youth in the Church

Pastor Amy Beveridge

Do you want your church to have a healthy Youth and Children’s ministry program? It begins with you.  No matter who you are in the pew, your life matters to the future generation.  Feeling something, standing for something, and loosening our grip: practices to become the community young people need us to be.

Prophetic Liturgy: Worship That Forms and Transforms

Mary Shaima

Worship of the Triune God is something that changes us – forms and transforms us – and every week we are sent by words like “Go in peace – serve the Lord.”  We learn things and discover skills in each part of worship that empower our prophetic voices in the world.  Join us to discover what that might look like in your community.

Women and Justice, a draft social statement

Dixie Hanson

The draft of the ELCA’s “Women and Justice” Social Statement has been released. Join us for an opportunity to look at the draft and have a conversation together around the issues raised.  There will also be an opportunity to provide feedback for the final draft of the statement before it is brought before the Churchwide Assembly for a vote in 2019.

Interim Ministry

Pastor Gene Leiter

This workshop will answer the basic questions the laity or clergy have about Interim Ministry:  What is Interim Ministry? Who are the Interim Ministers? Why do we have the position? When do Interim Ministers serve our parish?