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A Virtual World Water Day

World Water Day Goes Virtual

We can't meet at the LA River this year, but we can join together from our homes, study, and take action to protect water and the environment that has been entrusted to us to steward. We are an Easter People, but we are also a Water People, both in our baptism and in our daily existence, and the current crisis can only underline this.

Follow the Water is Sacred and Lutherans Restoring Creation Facebook Pages, take a walk outside and pay close attention to how water - or the lack of it - impacts all the world, take a virtual walk by the LA River, and learn how to build an online community to protect this sacred gift.

SWCA World Water Day Goes Virtual

  • Read an article by Maryknoll Lay Missioner Flávio José Rocha in Brazil about the right to water, as it is understood by the UN, and how this right can be protected.
  • The UN has declared that the theme for World Water Day 2020 is Water and Climate Change. Read more about the connections between water and climate change here.
  • In this time of a global pandemic, water shortages in vulnerable communities pose serious threats to life, making it impossible to maintain sanitation and prevent the spread of disease. Read an article in the New York Times about how water shortage is affecting a Syrian refugee camp during the pandemic.
  • Explore to find ideas on how you can conserve water at home and to learn more about water conservation efforts around the world.

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