Assistance for Feeding Programs

Masks and gloves needed

Volunteers at our food banks and feeding programs are in desperate need of masks and gloves for their and their clients’ safety. If you are making homemade masks and have some extra, or if you have and surgical or N95 masks or medical gloves to spare, please send them to the synod office at 1300 East Colorado Street, Glendale CA 91205.

Mask pattern from Deaconess
Providence St. Joseph Health mask pattern
Step by step instructions from Kaiser Permanente

Deadline Extended to June 1

ELCA World Hunger Domestic Grants

ELCA World Hunger Domestic Hunger Grants accompany congregations and their partners throughout the United States and Caribbean as they draw on the strengths of communities to address local issues such as food security, clean water, housing, job readiness, human rights, policy change, leadership development and more. Together, these ministries are part of a comprehensive approach to breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger – for good.

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