Planning for Re-opening In-person Worship

Going forward, each of our congregations must make its own choices about what risks it will take; there are no absolute guarantees that following a particular program of sanitation will keep your congregation free of contagion. Each of our contexts and each group of members is different. I promise you to give you the best advice I can, and assure you that if I must, I will err in my advice on the side of your physical safety. Our spiritual welfare is in God, and nothing—not even the invisible threat of a virus—can stand between us and the God who loves us. But the virus is real, and our responses are shaped by the advice of medical authorities. We trust in God for our life in Christ; we trust in science for our public health. -Bishop R. Guy Erwin, May 25 2020 

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Minneapolis Area Synod 2020 COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy office work environment for you and our volunteers.

As part of our continued response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the synod has drafted a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. The goal of our plan, which follows the CDC and OSHA standards related to COVID-19, is to ensure you understand how we will restore daily operations in a way that mitigates the potential transmission of the Coronavirus or any illness at the office.

As an employee, you will continue to have opportunities for collaboration to shape this plan via staff meetings and one on one checks-ins with Management to ensure a smooth transition back into workspaces.


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