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2020 Love For Our Neighbor Grants: Trinity, Pasadena

Trinity Pasadena was so blessed to receive a $2,500 Love Our Neighbor grant to address the increased utilization of our Trinity Food Ministry during this COVID-19 pandemic. We also thank the Southwest California Synod Council. It means a lot that you express this confidence in us and our ministries.

When we applied, we had one commercial refrigerator, one household sized refrigerator, and one commercial freezer operating to handle the food we receive from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. We requested $5,000 to double our capacity with a new commercial frig and freezer, but shortly after we requested the funds, our existing commercial refrigerator died and required $1,316.97 to repair. We thought that was a better price than $2,500 for a second new refrigerator.

When we received your $2,500 grant we were able purchase a new Migali 54” commercial freezer. Fortunately we also received a grant from Los Angeles Regional Food Bank that also allowed us to repair our existing commercial refrigerator. We are raising money to buy the new commercial refrigerator we also need to handle the amount of food we hand out weekly.

With this help, we were able to serve 327 families and a total of 979 persons in June and July of 2020.

One of our clients, Amy, came to us first in May, and was very apologetic and grateful, trying to feed a family of nine. Some were working, but some had lost their jobs or were on furlough. Amy said, “God bless you, Pastor Richter. I don’t know what we would have done without this food. We may lose our house, too, but at least I know I can feed the kids. Thank you!”