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Living the Resurrection and California Lutheran Homes: 18-month congregational programs

Announcing California Lutheran Homes and Community Services' (CLH) collaboration with Living the Resurrection, assisting congregation to access the program in Southern California.
Developed by the Rev. Dr. Marjorie Funk-Pihl while she served the Southwest California Synod as director for Evangelical Mission,  Living the Resurrection is a vitality initiative to help congregations thrive through processes, workshops, keynotes, consultations, and coaching . Although she had led medium-sized congregations for more than 20 years, Pastor Funk-Pihl was challenged by how to help smaller monocultural congregations located in large multicultural neighborhoods. She created Living the Resurrection to help these congregations.

“Many of our congregations are in buildings designed for 150 to 200 people, but often have 30 to 50 people in worship on a Sunday,” said Pastor Marj. “We want to help these congregations be more relevant and vital. Many congregations want to learn how to change but have little access to resources that will help them."

Now California Lutheran Homes and Community Services (CLH), an independent not-for-profit social ministry organization that provides assistance for those in need of housing and human services through partnerships with church congregations, community-based organizations, and local agencies, will collaborate with Living the Resurrection to make the 18 month Living the Resurrection program more accessible to small-to-medium-sized congregations in Southern California.


If you are curious about the Living the Resurrection process and want to learn more, you can find information about the opportunities available here.


You can sign up for a one-hour Zoom conversation called “Is it Time?” There are four upcoming dates to choose from: October 26, November 4, November 9, and November 18.


Three exploration workshops (two in-person and one online) will be offered in November, December and January to allow participants to discover the outline of the Living the Resurrection process and practice a couple of its foundational skills. You will go home knowing enough to decide if NOW is the time for your congregation to begin Living the Resurrection. For the dates and locations, look under “Upcoming Events” on the home page and select the one you are interested in attending.


Questions about Living the Resurrection?
Contact Pastor Marj Funk-Pihl at