Council Positions

At the 2021 Synod Assembly in June, voting members will select two thirds of their governing body. The following council positions are open: Synod Council Vice-President; Synod Council Member-at-Large; and Conference Representative for the Twin Valleys, Tehachapi, Central Coast, San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles Metropolitan, and South Bay Conferences. The Assembly will also select committee members, as well as voting members for the 2022 Churchwide Assembly

Terms of Office

The terms of office for those elected to the synod council this year will be for either two or three years as there was no synod assembly, and therefore no elections to the synod council, last year. Members who would have termed-out last year were asked to stay for an additional year, and people who are elected to those seats this year will serve two years instead of the regular three in order to get back to the regular cycle of synod council terms office.

Synod Vice President

The five synod vice presidents of Region 2 of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America talk about their role, their relationship with bishops and councils and congregations. Description of position. 

Southwest California Synod Treasurer Michael Metzger talks about the role of the Synod Council and his participation.

Southwest California Synod council member at large Cortni McNair talks about her work on synod council, and encourages others to participate. Description of position.

Conference Representative

Council member Pastor Jennifer Chrien talks about her work as the Channel Islands Conference Representative and encourages others to join. Description of position.

Conference Representative

Central Coast Conference Representative Laura Salazar Krueger talks about joining synod council and her role. Description of position.

Youth Representative

Youth Representative Kir’Ra Hemphill talks about her participation in synod council and encourages young people to run for leadership.  Description of position.

Pastor Ryan Chaddick talks about the role of the synod council and his participation. Description of position.

Southwest California Synod council member Valerie Shaw talks about the future of the church during COVID-19. Description of position.

Conference Representative

Southwest California Synod council member Nolan Green talks about his role on synod council and the work he does within the Long Beach conference. Description of position.

Southwest California Synod Council Member-at-Large Karen Moyer talks about the work and influence of synod council. Description of position.

Twin Valleys Conference Representative Todd Kolberg talks about the gifts he brings to synod council work.

Southwest California Synod council member David Berkedal talks about how synod council influences the direction of the church and how members participate.

The ELCA Churchwide Assembly, the primary decision-making body of the church, is a process of communal spiritual discernment. Voting members are chosen locally from across the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, representing the diverse communities, congregations, synods, perspectives and geographic contexts of the ELCA.

When the ELCA Churchwide Assembly convenes, its voting members meet with confidence in God’s grace around word and water, wine and bread, to carry on their work on behalf of the entire church. Over the course of the assembly, voting members:

•Hear reports and review the work of churchwide officers, leaders and units;
•Receive and consider proposals from synod assemblies;
•Elect officers, board members and other leaders as specified by the constitution or bylaws;
•Establish ELCA churchwide policy;
•Worship together;
•Adopt a budget; and
•Conduct other business related to the ELCA churchwide organization.

The Churchwide Assembly meets triennially in regular session. The next regular session is scheduled to meet during the week of August 8, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio. The SWCA Synod's voting members to the assembly, including the Bishop, the Council Vice-President, and six additional members, were elected at the 2021 Synod Assembly.