What Living the Resurrection IS:What Living the Resurrection is NOT:
Structured learning processPre-packaged program
Biblically groundedBased only on the Great Commission
Workshops Lectures
Experiments you design and implement Universal principles that you can use to fix the problems of your church


Living the Resurrection, initiated in 2016 in the SWCA Synod, is an exploration of the passions and struggles of both a congregation and its neighborhood as well as a discernment of where God is working to build connections. Eight congregations (profiled in the PDF below) are currently in the middle of the Living the Resurrection process, which will continue through May of 2018.

New Learning Communities for Living the Resurrection are forming. If your church is ready to be made new again, watch the video and download the PDF below, and let’s get moving!


Downloadable PDF

Viviendo la Resurrección (download)



I have questions. Who can I talk to?

Please email Pastor Marj Funk­-Pihl at mfunkpihl@socalsynod.org with any questions or concerns.