Southwest California Synod Council

*Executive Committee

Council Officers:
Bishop Brenda Bos*
Ms. Sarah Stegemoeller*, Vice-President
Mr. Michael Metzger*, Treasurer
The Rev. Keith Banwart*, Secretary

Members at Large:
The Rev. Cesar Arroyo
Ms. Lisa Curtis
Deacon Jamie Hovland
The Rev. Megan Hunt-Fryling
Dr. Cecelia TravickJackson
Mr. John Halbert
Mr. Everado Gonzalez
The Rev. Ryan Chaddick
The Rev. Jame Boline
Ms. Karen Moyer
The Rev. Marta Salazar
Ms. Lucia Salazar-Davidson, Youth Representative

Ms. Dixie Hanson, WELCA Representative (non-voting)

Conference Representatives: 

Ms. Laura Krueger, Central Coast
The Rev. Jennifer Chrien, Channel Islands
Mr. Jonathan Chao, Foothill
Mr. Nolan Green*, Greater Long Beach
Zekiah N. Wright, Esq., Los Angeles Metropolitan
Ms. Margarita Gonzalez, South Bay
The Rev. James Mericle, San Gabriel Valley
Ms. Terri Pyle, Tehachapi
Dr. Todd Kolberg, Twin Valleys

Information about Synod Leadership

Council Meeting May 21, 2022

A meeting of the SWCA Synod Council will take place Saturday, May 21 at 12:30 p.m. via Zoom. Interested parties may attend the meeting using the link below. You can download the agenda here.
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 867 4107 0373
Passcode: 441471
Dial-in: 669-900-6833