Pastor Hitoshi Adachi and his wife, Satoko, are currently serving as missionaries with the Japan Evangelicial Lutheran Church in Kumamoto, Japan. To learn more about what is taking place in their ministry, please click here for their March 2022 Newsletter.

The ELCA sends over 200 missionaries to over 40 countries to serve as pastors, teachers, advisers and doctors. It costs an average of $80,000 annually to support an ELCA missionary household. Each missionary is expected to raise $20,000 per year towards these costs. We encourage you to consider becoming a longer-term sponsoring congregation/individual to support Pastor Hitoshi and Satoko in their ministries - more information attached here.

If you wish to support the Adachi’s missionary work with an automatic monthly bank withdrawal or to establish a covenant of prayer, communication and support, please contact (800) 638-3522, ext. 2657, or