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Tools for Taking Worship Online


How to Take Your Church Virtual (Fast): The Ultimate Guide to Church Live-Streaming During Crisis (

We’re going to unpack the basic tools and principles that will help you make the best decision for your church—one which maximizes your ministry impact and keeps your congregation as physically safe as possible.

Ministry in Times of Crisis (CLU)

An online gathering for pastors, deacons, youth workers, church and faith community leaders. Due to COVID-19, are you wondering how ministry might need to be shifted? How might pastoral care change? What might worship and gathering times look like? Are you wondering what life and community might be like in a month? Recorded web gathering here; chat box notes here

Creating Live-Streamed Worship in 3 Days (

Churches want to care for the spiritual health and connectedness of our congregations. Our church opted to provide online worship, a livestream of a worship service with volunteers and staff to our folks who were at home. The following is how we adapted, created, and published livestreamed worship in only 3 days.

Epidemic Preparedness: An Opportunity to Cultivate an Online Worship Community (Caffeinated Church)

If you are considering a live-stream of your worship service or other alternative ways of using technology to meet people where they are, remember that personal connections, the connections that are made from an individual to an individual, are important. How can you create communities within your community to maintain personal relationships? How can you shift meetings, worship services, or youth events from in-person gatherings to virtual experiences?

Getting Stared with Church Online (Practical Resources for Churches/Zoom)

If your church is wondering how to begin to do church online, join us for a webinar to get you started. We will cover online worship, bible studies, and meetings. We’ll talk about the basics of zoom, helpful tips for equipment and set up, how to help folks without computers phone in. We’ll even help you find simple tutorials for your members new to the online world.

More Tools and Tips

Joining a ZOOM Meeting (Youtube Tutorial)

ZOOM Tutorial (Thank to Pr. Michael L. Jannett of the Southeastern Synod of the ELCA)


Just starting to take your congregation online? It takes 24 hours to get your YouTube account enabled for live streaming. You do that from this page:


Zoom temporarily lifts 40-minute limit for K-12 SCHOOLS IN THE UNITED STATES –



Google Hangouts Gsuite customers have access to advanced features through July 1, including live streaming and recording.


Adobe Connect Free 90 day subscription (until July 1) for web conferencing.


Augsburg Fortress Temporary Expanded Licensing for Streaming Worship Services:


Loom Dropping recording limits, trials extended to 30 days, plan price cut to $5 after that.